About us/How to

It’s pretty simple, we put out picks, for free. We invite you to comment on picks you like, dislike and why you like them and dislike them.

Generally our bets are $100 bets, or most commonly known as 1 unit. A unit does not have to be $100, a unit could be $1000, $20, $5, whatever works for you. If we feel confident about a play, we will note it on the bet.

How to read a line.

Example: San Antonio Spurs (-4)(-110) vs Cleveland Cavaliers.

In this example we are picking the spurs to cover by more than 4 points. -110 means you have to bet $110 in order to make $100. So -250 would be you will have to bet $250 in order to win $100.

On the flip side if you read a bet that shows +150, this means you bet $150 for betting $100. Therefor a bet showing +500, is a $500 payout per $100 bet.